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The cars counted among the Automotive Masterpieces tell their own story, transmitting their past to the future. Discovering has never been so easy or so entertaining: just being near the car you receive information directly on your smartphone.

Here is how it works, with a “Beacon” on a car and an App on your phone.

The Beacon is “simply” a small box hidden somewhere on the car. It works with the innovative BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and is, in a certain sense, a transmitter: when you’re in the vicinity of a car with a Beacon our Automotive Masterpieces App installed on your smartphone and the Bluetooth turned on, your phone will get your attention with a “honk”!

Then you just look at your phone: the Beacon, sending a feed, activates the dedicated website through the app where you can see the whole story, owners, events, current and period pictures, technical data, exhibitions, press releases and sometimes movies on that particular car. Then, walk away and approach another car with a Beacon: honk again! The game of discovering begins again.

The BLE Beacon is the product of the most modern technology, it works with a couple of small AA batteries that last around 18 months and needs no maintenance.

It is not, we would highlight, a GPS device in anyway: the location of your car can’t be detected or interrogated, both for your privacy and safety.

It sounds like magic, but we call it the “Internet of Things”, where technology meets culture: you don’t have to choose anymore whether to see a real car or to study a book, you can have both!

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