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Chassis no. 508*016627 - Engine no. 108*017731
Coachbuilder: Fiat
One of the first SIATA uprated version that ran the 1934 Mille Miglia with Giuseppe Gilera and Sebastiano Manzoni.
Private Collection

Chassis no. 508S*020693 - Engine no. 508S*021791
Coachbuilder: Fiat
This Coppa d'Oro was uprated with an original S.I.A.T.A. head.
Private Collection

Chassis no. 30*2056 - Engine no. 1066
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Castagna Milano
It is the only car in the world to win the Coppa D'Oro Villa Este twice. It was bought by tobacco heiress Doris Duke aka "the richest girl in the world".
Private Collection

Chassis no. 700401 - Engine no.
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Touring
One of the older chassis of the Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 survivors with Carrozzeria Touring bodywork.
Museo Alfa Romeo (Italy)

Chassis no. 700447 - Engine no. 700447
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Alfa
One of the older chassis of the Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 survivors. This is an example with Carrozzeria Alfa Romeo body.
Alfa Blue Team - CH1

Chassis no. 700500 - Engine no.
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Castagna Milano
An elegant and aerodynamic two-door coupe built by Castagna Milano.
Museo Alfa Romeo (Italy)

Chassis no. K4/521/S - Engine no. K4/521/S
Coachbuilder: Enrico Bertelli
One of 61 short chassis cars built.
Bonomi Collection

Chassis no. 508S*076019 - Engine no. 000609
Coachbuilder: Fiat Carrozzerie Speciali
This berlinetta participated to the 1936 Mille Miglia, classifying 2nd in class and 14th overall in the hands of the racing driver and owner Alberto Comirato with his wife, Lia ...
Private Collection

Chassis no. 508S082535 - Engine no. 00899
Coachbuilder: Fiat Carrozzerie Speciali
An aerodynamic masterpiece of Mario Revelli di Beaumont built to run the Mille Miglia.
Cristiano Luzzago (Italy)

Chassis no. C57403 - Engine no. RC 179714
Coachbuilder: Ashley
One of a low production series, built in 1960 as a sport convertible, with fiber-glass body on a shoebox Ford 10 basis. Stored for most of its life and recently restored/finished; ...
Private Collection

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