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Chassis no. 01485 - Engine no.
Coachbuilder: Bertone
The second Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica, an aerodynamic masterpiece of Franco Scaglione for Bertone
Blackhawk Automotive Museum (United States)

Chassis no. 404X3076 - Engine no. 225
Coachbuilder: Bertone
One of only 85 Competion roadster of 142 cars built.
Ger Bas (Netherlands)

Chassis no. LML/765 - Engine no. VB6J/213
Coachbuilder: Bertone
This is the only Coupé built by Bertone on an Aston Martin DB2/4 chassis.
Blackhawk Automotive Museum (United States)

Chassis no. LML/505 - Engine no. VB6J/91
Coachbuilder: Bertone
The Aston Martin show car and one-off exhibited in the 1954 International Motor Sports Show at New York.
Private Collection

Chassis no. 195475 - Engine no. 670-01-1692503
Coachbuilder: Carrosserie G.T.R.
An alloy prototype that ran the Mille Miglia in 1954 and 1955 as well as the 12h de Reims in 1956.
Private Collection

Chassis no. 0410MD - Engine no. 0410MD
Coachbuilder: Pinin Farina
A Mondial with a unique design. This chassis ran the Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti in 1955 and the Mille Miglia in 1956.
Mario Righini Collection (Italy)

Chassis no. 103TV.045281 - Engine no. 103005.045805
Coachbuilder: Pinin Farina
This first series ran twice the Mille Miglia in 1955 and in 1956.
Private Collection

Chassis no. 106.000103 - Engine no. 104.000160
Coachbuilder: Fiat Carrozzerie Speciali
One of only 29 Fiat 8V second series produced.
Private Collection

Chassis no. 106.000062 - Engine no. 104.000113
Coachbuilder: Zagato
A Zagato bodied racing machine, 12th in class at the 1955 Mille Miglia, 13th in class at the 1956 Mille Miglia and 13th in class at the 1956 Coppa Intereuropa at Monza. Successful ...
Private Collection

Chassis no. 2004 - Engine no. 2501
Coachbuilder: Frua
The 2nd of the three new 2000S chassis built ahead of the 1954 season. Ran the Giro di Sicilia and the Mille Miglia. Then in the U.S. in the hands of the Hall brothers, of ...
Private Collection

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