2018: Herbert Linge's 90th Birthday

From: June 11, 2018
To: December 11, 2018
1 car is counted for this anniversary

He is a German engineer, former racing and rally driver. As an employee of Porsche, he was involved in many events, and later also in motorsport safety. He took part in many 24 Hours of Le Mans races in the 1960s, even with a Porsche 917. He became famous for being the co-driver of Hans Herrmann in the 1954 Mille Miglia, when their low Porsche 550 passed under a closed railroad crossing, with both ducking under the dashboard. In 1960, Linge won the Tour de Corse rally in a Porsche SC 90. He is still the only German to win the event. He took part in the Porsche 901/911 development team.


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