Chassis no. AR1900C*01942 - Engine no. AR1308*01097
Coachbuilder: Vignale
Categories: A- Concept and show cars; C- One-off models; E- Historic event cars; J- Movie cars
Owner: Collezione Lopresto (Italy)
One-off prototype, designed by Giovanni Michelotti, presented at the 1955 Salone di Torino. The car shows the typical style of the Turin designer. Always in Italy, it is also remembered for appearing in Italian 1980s’ movies.
In May 1950, a new Alfa Romeo model was shown in Turin, but its public debut was made at Paris in October of that year. The Alfa Romeo 1900 was built from 1950 to 1959 and was the company's first entirely new post-war design. Designed by Orazio Satta Puliga, it was an important development for Alfa Romeo as the marque's first car built entirely on a production line and from this time high standard mass production really started at Portello. It was the first production car without a separate chassis and the first Alfa Romeo offered with left-hand drive.
It was fitted with a 1884cc engine and other breaks with tradition were the use of a chain-driven twin overhead camshaft engine with only four cylinders, the innovative suspension of the car and the adoption of left-hand steering, though right-hand steering was made available. The cylinder dimensions were 82.55 x 88mm (1,884cc), and the chain-driven camshafts operated valves whose clearances were adjusted by the traditional method used on all previous OHC Alfa Romeos. The 1900 Berlina, a 4-door sedan, was the only model in the new series until the introduction of the 1900 C coupe (C for "corto", Italian for "short") in 1951 and the TI sedan in 1952 and was fitted with a 1.9L engine delivering 90 hp and reaching a top speed of 171 km/h.

Iginio Alessio, then general manager of Alfa Romeo, was concerned for the viability of the independent Italian Coachbuilding industry–the advent of the unibody chassis design was threatening to put the "carrozzerie" out of business. Alessio was also a personal friend of Gaetano Ponzoni co-owner of Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, thus from 1951-1958 Alfa Romeo built five different variations of the 1900 unibody chassis specifically for independent coachbuilders. Alfa Romeo gave official contracts to Touring to build the sporty 1900 Sprint coupé and to Pinin Farina to build an elegant four-seat Cabriolet and Coupé. The availability of a suitable chassis led to many other coachbuilders to build versions of the 1900. Carrozzeria Zagato built a small series of coupés with the unofficial designation of 1900 SSZ, designed for racing.
One-off specials were numerous.

The Alfa Romeo 1900 C Super Sprint "La flèche" Vignale, chassis no. AR1900C*01942, is a cabriolet on short wheelbase chassis designed by Giovanni Michelotti. La flèche (i.e. “The arrow”) is a one-off prototype car and it was presented at the Salone di Torino in 1955. The car shows the typical style of the Turin designer, with lots of chrome trimming and refined shapes. The car always remained in Italy and it is also remembered for appearing, during the 1980s, in the movies "Sapore di mare 2" and "Giovanni Senzapensieri". At the end of a complete restoration, this car debuted at the 2018 Stefano Ricci Heritage Trophy in Florence.
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documents & certificates
history - owners & events
20th April 1955 - 1st May 1955
Salone Internazionale dell'Automobile di Torino
| Torino | Italy
October 1955
Mondial Paris Motor Show
| Paris | France
8th September 2018 - 9th September 2018
Stefano Ricci Heritage Trophy
| Firenze | Italy
15th September 2018
Auto Concours-Concours d'Excellence International
| Lucerna | Switzerland
driver: Corrado Lopresto


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