Chassis no. 015781 - Engine no. 017332
Coachbuilder: Fiat
Categories: E- Historic event cars; F- Cars owned by the famous
Owner: Private Collection
Elaborated with Abarth Kit by Gino De Sanctis, it ran 29 races, including three Mille Miglia (1952, 1st in class), 1952 Campionato Italiano - 1st in class, 1953 Campionato Italiano - 3rd in class.
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The 1400 was manufactured by Fiat between 1950 and 1958. The car was introduced in 1950 Geneva Motor Show. It was Fiat’s first post war model and was offered with a monocoque body. 
Two car models, the 1400 and 1900 were offered on the same body but with different engines. However, the trim on the two cars was vastly different. The 1900 was more luxurious and served as the flagship of the Fiat range. Fiat’s first diesel engine was offered on the 1400 in 1953. Though the diesel engine offered was a 1900 cc engine, because it was not marketed as the flagship model, the car was called the 1400 Diesel. Fiat offered this car in a number of body styles like: 4-door saloon, 2-door cabriolet, 2-door hardtop coupe.
Fiat 1400 was powered by a 1,395 cc (85.2 Cu-inch) inline four cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine. This engine breathed through two overhead valves per cylinder and produced 50 BHP at 4,600 rpm. It was able to generate a torque of 85 N-m (63 ft-lb) at 3,400 rpm. The power was transferred to the rear wheels through a 4-speed manual gear box. Though the torque curve was not flat, it could still generate 75 N-m at around 1,550 rpm.
The 1400’s engine could push the 1,490 Kg (3,285 lb) car to a maximum speed of 125 km/ h (78 mph). Fiat had endowed the car with sufficiently large proportions as per European standards. This car was 4,305 mm (169.5″) long, 1,655 mm (65.2″) wide and 1,550 mm (61″) tall. It was manufactured by SEAT in Spain and Zastava in Yugoslavia.

The FIAT 1400 chassis no. 015781 was delivered to the dealership S.V.A. (Società Vendita Automobili) in Rome December 13, 1950, a large Fiat dealership. It was sold January 5, 1951 to Dr. Ottorino Monaco at the price of Lire 1.275.000, registered with the license plate 143245 Rome.

The car was entrusted to the hands of Gino De Sanctis who elaborated it with the specific Abarth kit (collector for two Weber 32 carburetors, silencer and tappet cover), by adding a more potent water pump, oil pan and an uprated special camshaft and prepared it for racing, following the rules of the "Categoria Turismo Internazionale 1500 cc".
Monaco started racing his car in early in 1951 at the Rallye del Sestrière in February. The FIAT 1400 chassis no. 015781 had an intense racing life in the first years, it was the first Fiat 1400 to cross the finish line at the 1951 Mille Miglia and conquered the title of champion in class for the 1952 year. Third in class in 1953 then, due to new rules, had to struggle with more powerful cars.
It was sold to the famed Eng. Eraldo Sculati, reknown automotive journalist but, most of all, Sporting Director of the Scuderia Ferrari in 1956-1957 winning a world title with Fangio. The 1400 was his personal car. Then, owned by Mr. Aldini rental and used for some years as a commuter by the Scuderia Ferrari, was later neglected for a long time. Found in 2013, underwent a complete restoration.
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history - owners & events
23rd February 1951 - 26th February 1951
Rally del Sestrière
| Sestriere | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
co-driver: Saverio Fortuna
entry number: 48
22nd April 1951
Trofeo Turistico di Roma
| Roma | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
28th April 1951 - 29th April 1951
Mille Miglia
| Brescia-Roma-Brescia | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
co-driver: Saverio Fortuna
entry number: 100
3rd June 1951
Coppa della Toscana
| Firenze | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
co-driver: Saverio Fortuna
entry number: 1019
17th June 1951
Salita del Monte Pellegrino
| Palermo | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
entry number: 46
5th August 1951
Giro Automobilistico delle Calabrie
| Reggio Calabria | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
co-driver: Saverio Fortuna
entry number: 653
11th August 1951 - 12th August 1951
Sei Ore Notturna di Pescara
| Pescara | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
co-driver: Saverio Fortuna
entry number: 90
23rd August 1951 - 26th August 1951
Stella Alpina
| Trento | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
entry number: 106
30th September 1951
Vermicino - Rocca di Papa - Coppa Gallenga
| Rocca di Papa | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
entry number: 72
15th October 1951
Volante d'Argento 1951
| Scala di Giocca - Sassari | Italy
driver: Ottorino Monaco
entry number: 114

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