Chassis no. 33*3369 - Engine no. 1119
Coachbuilder: Stabilimenti Farina
Categories: C- One-off models; L- Limited edition cars (no. 607 manufactured)
Owner: Private Collection
A one-off Stabilimenti Farina cabriolet based on the third series Lancia Astura.
In the fall of 1933, was born the third series Astura. Several of the "news": a part of the chassis, which is now offered in two versions, the long wheelbase (type 233 L) and short (233 C), the motor (whose opening angle of the "V" is changed from 19° to 17° 30') undergoes changes in displacement (from 2606 to 2973 cm³) and power (72 to 82 HP). Other important changes relating to the braking system, which is equipped with a brake booster Dewandre, the 30% increase in the capacity of the fuel tank (60 to 78 liters). From the aesthetic point of view we find a new screen of the radiator. Also new are the front fenders. Characteristic the new slider movable rear that can accommodate - between the rear end of the body and the spare wheel - a trunk: in the absence of the trunk, the spare wheel assumes an inclined position, while in the presence of the trunk becomes the wheel vertical.
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history - owners & events
5th September 2014 - 7th September 2014
Concorso d'Eleganza per Automobili di Torino
| Turin | Italy
entry number: 11
13th February 2015 - 15th February 2015
| Turin | Italy
22nd May 2015 - 24th May 2015
Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este
| Cernobio (Como) | Italy
driver: Giuseppe Bruni
entry number: 8
10th October 2015 - 11th October 2015
Stelle sul Liston
| Venezia - Padova | Italy
driver: Stefano Paracchi
entry number: 2
12th February 2016 - 14th February 2016
| Torino | Italy
3rd July 2016
Concorso d'Eleganza Villa La Malpenga
| Vigliano Biellese | Italy
driver: Stefano Paracchi
entry number: 21

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